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Animal Sponsorship!

Can't Own Livestock? Sponsor An Animal!

Poultry: $7 per month Sheep: $10 per month Alpacas: $15 per month

We have more animals to sponsor at! Click the image for each animal's page.

Poultry sponsorship: $7 monthly
We have rescued several bachelor roosters over the years, as well as a peacock. We appreciate your sponsorship! Earrings are a one-time gift. Pay here: here
- Behind-the-Scenes
- Craft Tutorials
- Poultry Education
- Rooster Letters
- 1 Set Feather Earrings


Riley is our rescue peacock! We've made some awesome earrings from his feathers.

Sheep sponsorship: $10 monthly
Please help support the procreation of rare heritage sheep by sponsoring one! If you pick this tier, you can pick a breed and we will decide on a specific sheep to sponsor so you can get to know them. Payment is here Breed options:
Leicester Longwool
California Red
Note: wool is a one-time gift
- Education
- Craft Tutorials
- Sheep Letters
- History of Sheep Breed
- 4 oz Raw Wool
- Behind-the-Scenes

Summer Hill Zane Grey"

Zane the Jacob wether acts more like a puppy than a sheep! He loves people.

Spring Coyote Eloise

Eloise the Navajo-Churro is a skittish beauty who lives for food!

4G George Washington

George is a sweet Leicester Longwool ram. They were George Washington's favorite breed!

Alpaca sponsorship: $15 monthly
Hay is expensive! We would appreciate your sponsorship as we grow as a business. You can sponsor a suri or huacaya alpaca. Payment is here here
Note: fiber is a one-time gift
- Craft Tutorials
- Behind-the-Scenes
- Education
- Alpaca History
- Letters From Alpacas
- 4 oz Alpaca Fiber

Summer Hill Superman


Clark is our first ever cria. He is big and has a bright fleece and a sweet, goofy personality.

4-Sight's Finding Dory

Dory is a lovebug! She loves hugs and kisses and enjoys visitors. When pregnant, she is more reserved. She adores Ariel and she's the mother of Clark and Rosemary!

Summer Hill Rosemary to Remember

Rosemary has the most presence I've ever seen in a female alpaca, let alone a cria! She has a long, soft fleece. She is surprisingly independent for her age, but a little shy. She spends a lot of her time with Sylvie.

Summer Hill Silver Lining from God

Sylvie is a ham! She loves getting her photo taken. She is bright, crimpy fleece that almost appears lavender!

APAR Malibu

Malibu was our first alpaca. He is incredibly gentle and well-behaved, but he runs a tight ship in the male pen!

FRE Elixir's Flashback

Flashback has immense presence, frightening intelligence, and makes me laugh every day. He's a ladies' man, and he knows it!

Summer Hill Dark Phoenix

She is a feisty character! Always into mischief and making us laugh.

Terms Of Service
Sponsorship does not indicate ownership of or claim to animal. We retain 100% of ownership and claim and responsibility for our animals.

Sponsorship and gifts involving the particular animal (yarn, etc) may be affected due to unexpected loss of the animal, in which case sponsorship may be shifted to another animal. Elderly animals are discounted due to increased risk, but there is some risk with any animal.

Some animals do not have fiber, or do not have fiber worthy of making yarn. These animals include the pygmy goat and the llamas, and these are also discounted.

Visits at this point are not possible. We apologize for this, but the risks associated with living on a farm on several steep hills and slippery mud in the winter is too much of a liability as it stands. Still, we will try and help you connect with the sponsored animal as much as possible via other means.

Email me at [email protected] if interested.