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... and honey!

 We plan to re-enter the world of beekeeping shortly with at least two colonies to provide you with fresh, local honey from well-loved bees.

 Bees are a major blessing to local horticulture as well as those who consume the honey. When you consume local honey, you can actually develop immunity to local allergens.

 You might be surprised, but beekeepers grow rather fond of their girls! Honey bees are amazing, fascinating little creatures with complex intellect and amazing habits. Most actually work themselves to death in the end, sadly, but their efforts certainly are not in vain.

Here are some interesting honey bee facts:

  • A colony is comprised of one queen, a couple hundred drones, and thousands of workers. The drones are the only males.
  • Honey comb cells are hexagons and actually have a slight lip to keep honey from leaking out.
  • Bees are more likely to sting you where you're wearing dark-colored apparel. Bees associate the dark colors with large mammals such as bears, thus deeming you a potential threat.
  • Bees do not sting except as a last resort. Why? There is a barb on the end of their stinger that catches when they sting someone and it pulls out their intestines. The good news is that they won't sting you for fun. They only sting to sacrifice themselves for the safety of their colony.

Keep an eye on our beekeeping progress!

Sunday, July 1, 2018