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Peachick Waiting List

Beautify Your World!

We have one mating pair of India Blue peafowl. Peahens only lay eggs in the Spring, so if you are interested in peachicks, let us know the number you would like. We do not ship them due to the stress inflicted on the little ones, so please be willing to come to Nevada County, California or live within an hour or so to pick them up. You may pick them up on day one, or you can wait a month until they are a little less fragile. At one month, it's also easier to determine the gender with some confidence. They are currently $45 each, or discounted as a group. 


Peafowl do not come in to roost like chickens do. We learned this the hard way! Riley was quite a chore to catch. Therefore, we ask that you are prepared to give them a large cooped area to prevent escaping and wandering for their own safety. They are prey animals, after all.


Peacocks are not terribly noisy except during mating season, which is about from March until June. Otherwise, they may make a noise when startled or occasionally call to another peacock. Their noises range from what sounds like a loud buzz to a "caw!"


Below is our current waiting list of peachick hopefuls. We will hatch waitlisters in order. Remember, we only have one mating pair, so the speed at which we address your wishes are largely dependent on one Amelia Sweet Pea and when she lays. She thanks you for your patience.


Name:                Number of Peachicks:            Gender:

Natasha Glenn                3-4                                Either

Thursday, October 25, 2018