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Our Story

Fiber To Suit Everyone!

We raise a variety of sheep, llamas, alpacas, and rabbits to address every fiber lover's desire! We also seek to preserve and promote heritage breed sheep.

In June 2003, we moved to Penn Valley, California. Our house came with two cats and two sheep that turned out to be Jacob crosses. Emma and Jennifer, a daughter-and-mother duo, unknowingly got it all started for us! We soon purchased a pregnant Nana and Keira and the rest was history.
We absolutely love our animals and tend to be too sentimental to sell very many, and as a result, our focus is fiber over breeding and selling stock. We have expanded our flock to include Icelandics and Romneys and Navajo-Churros to provide you with a variety of colors and textures for all purposes. We have even added a fawn French Angora rabbit and the fiber of our guard llamas!
Along with fiber and fiber products, Brooke created Summer Hill Farm Botanicals. Products include a variety of botanically based lotions, room sprays, hand sanitizers, and other items. We also have a branch called Feces From Our Species, which utilizes the manure that all our lovely animals so generously provide.

Botanical Products

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Animal Sponsorship!

Can't Own Livestock? Sponsor An Animal and get ... ✶ Digital scrapbook of chosen animal! ✶ Exclusive access to our Summer Hill Farm sponsor group ✶ A surprise (or chosen) Christmas gift! ✶ 10% off all items in our shop!