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Eloise's Apricot Navajo-Churro Roving


Eloise is a lovely apricot Navajo-Churro with a shy personality. Her roving is both the coarse outer coat and the soft undercoat combined, because the rest will be made into single ply weaving yarn.

*** As of right now, all four ounces of roving are spoken for! I am leaving this up as an example of products we sometimes have, and to know if we have interest in Churro roving in the future. ***

Navajo-Churros are the first breed of sheep to arrive in the United States via Spanish conquistadors, where they served as a meat source for explorers and missionaries, as well as a fiber source for weavers. Along the way, they also became useful to the Navajo people. They were a major factor in both personal use and trade in Hispanic and Native American economies.
In the 1860s, as part of the government's attempt to gain control of the Navajo people, the majority of Navajo-Churros were destroyed.
Between the 1930s and the 1970s when conservation efforts began, the last remaining Navajo-Churros were sparsely scattered among the canyons of the southwest.

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