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Biscuit's Gray Icelandic Roving

Take advantage of this color!
Earl Grey Biscuit is this incredible mountain mist gray, but he's getting lighter, so take advantage of this color! This roving has a lovely soft handle and includes both the inner and outer coats (tog and thel). It felts easily and would work well for needle or wet felting, or it would make lovely yarn.
There is a little VM left, but it should remove pretty easily.

Biscuit is a bashful guy. We are finally able to look him in the eye without him looking or running away! His tog is has black and gray, and his thel is a grayish white. The effect of both together is beautiful!

Icelandics have a known history of over 1,000 years, since vikings first brought them to Iceland. They have changed very little and are considered a very pure breed. They are hardy and have a great immune system due to the harsh conditions in Iceland. They are a triple purpose sheep: fiber, milk, and meat. Their wool is dual coated. The outer coat is coarser and is called the tog, and the soft undercoat is called the thel. They come in a wide variety of colors, including (but not limited to) black, gray, brown, badgerface, white, etc.

Product Specifications
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Product Specs 4 oz roving balls
13 available
One 1.5 oz ball available for $3
Easily felts
Would also make lovely yarn
Both inner and outer coat
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