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Ag Mag

We plan to self-publish an "ag mag" beginning this spring, and we invite you to contribute! We are looking for the following types of media in any field pertaining to agriculture. This means you can write about crops, livestock, bees, weather, equipment, anything. We ask your written permission to use your work in exchange for credit (and potentially contact information/website, if you have agriculture-related things for sale).

Feel free to submit --

- Articles: How to deli

Sheep to Alpacas

We at Summer Hill Farm have raised Jacob sheep for fifteen years. We came from the city of Modesto and got into rural farm life after loads of research and two sheep who came with the house.
Our family members own The Farm at Rainbow's End in New Jersey, but we have never been out there to see their alpacas. Instead, we came to own alpacas in February 2018 another way -- by also working on an alpaca ranch called Heart & Soul.
We adore sheep. They're beautiful, sweet creatures. But w

Our First Summer Hill Cria

We raised Jacob sheep for almost fifteen years before purchasing our first pair of alpacas earlier this year. Dory and Malibu have been such amazing blessings, and we are so excited to see where they take us!
That being said, we have bred Dory to Krypton. I have been ready to explode with excitement for two weeks. How do you wait an entire year for such an amazing little creature? Five months is a long enough wait with sheep, and we rarely have only one pregnant at a time. And man